Infant Family Associate (IFA)

Infant Family Associate – for individuals whose primary focus is promotion of infant mental health. This includes child care workers, non-profit coordinators, play group leaders, doulas & midwives, lactation specialists, school counselors, and many others. This category is also available for professionals who may fit into a different category of Endorsement but do not yet meet all of the eligibility requirements. 

Requirements for IFA Endorsement

  • Any academic degree

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Work Experience
  • Minimum 2 years infant-related work or volunteer experience in an applicable role
In-service Training
  • Minimum 30 hours, average 40 hours
Membership in INfancy Onward
  • Yes
Code of Ethics
  • Signed
Endorsement® Agreement
  • Signed
Reflective Supervision or Consultation (RSC)
  • N/A
Reference Ratings
  • Three (from surrent program supervisor, teacher, trainer, consultant, or parent/service recipient)
Written Exam
  • No
  • Applicant will submit an application that demonstrates that they have met both the requirements and the competencies specified for the Endorsement for which they are applying. Details about competencies can be found within the Competency Guidelines (MI-AIMH Copyright © 2017).

This is just a summary; for the full description of the requirements by Endorsement category, please consult the Competency Guidelines.

IFA applicants need to meet the Education OR the Work requirement they do not need to meet both. 

For IFA applicants, volunteer experience may meet the work criterion if it was a) supervised experience with women during pregnancy or with infants, toddlers & families AND b) included specialized training. *Examples include CASA, Doula, or Child Life Specialist