IMH Endorsement® Categories

Each IMH-E® category has specific work, education, in-service training, and reflective supervision/consultation requirements, specific to pregnant women, young children, aged 0-36 months, and their families.

In addition, IMH-E® applicants will demonstrate achievement of competencies, as defined in the desired category.  This table represents only a summary of the IMH-E® categories.  Detailed information specific to each category can be downloaded from the Competency Guidelines link below.

1 Infant Family Associate applicants need to meet the Education OR the Work requirement they do not need to meet both.

2 For Infant Family Associate applicants, volunteer experience may meet the work criterion if it was a) supervised experience with women during pregnancy or with infants, toddlers, & families AND b) included specialized training. Examples include CASA, Doula, Child Life Specialist.

3 Only Infant Mental Health Mentor – Clinical applicants need to fulfill the requirement of being a provider of RS/C for 3+ years.