Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM)

Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMHM) – for individuals demonstrating leadership in the field. This includes a broad range of professionals under three separate designations: Policy, Clinical, and Research/Faculty. Some examples include psychologists, pediatricians, policy specialists, university faculty, and researchers. 

Requirements for IMHM Endorsement®

  • Masters or post-graduate degree
Work Experience
  • Minimum 3 years as an IMH practice leader (policy, research/faculty, and/or clinical) and provider of RSC for 3+ years
In-service Training
  • Minimum 30 hours, average 75 hours
    A minimum of 15-hours must be didactic training about the provision RSC
Membership in Infancy Onward
  • Yes
Code of Ethics
  • Signed
Endorsement® Agreement
  • Signed
Reflective Supervision or Consultation (RSC)
  • Clinical only: Minimum 50 clock hours a 12-month to 24-month time period while working with infants, toddlers, & families.
    A minimum of 25-hours of the RSC received should be about the RSC that the applicant provides to others
Reference Ratings
  • Three
    (Please see full IMH-M requirements for specific guidelines for who should complete reference rating forms for Clinical, Policy, and Research/Faculty applicants)
Written Exam
  • Yes
  • Applicant will submit an application that demonstrates that they have met both the requirements and the competencies specified for the Endorsement® for which they are applying. Details about competencies can be found within the Competency Guidelines®.

Ready for your IMHM Endorsement®?

This is just a summary. For the full description of the requirements by Endorsement® category, please consult the Competency Guidelines®

Only IMHM-Clinical applicants need to fulfill the requirement of attending didactic training about the provision of RSC.