Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor (ECMHM)

Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor (ECMHM) – for individuals demonstrating leadership in the field. This includes a broad range of professionals under three separate designations: Policy, Clinical, and Research/Faculty. Some examples include psychologists, pediatricians, policy specialists, university faculty, and researchers. 

Requirements for IMHM Endorsement

  • Masters or post-graduate degree
Work Experience
  • Minimum 3 years as an ECMH practice leader (policy, research/faculty, and/or clinical) and provider of RSC for 3+ years
In-service Training
  • Minimum 30 hours, average 75 hours
    A minimum of 15-hours must be didactic training about the provision RSC
Membership in INfancy Onward
  • Yes
Code of Ethics
  • Signed
Endorsement® Agreement
  • Signed
Reflective Supervision or Consultation (RSC)
  • Clinical only: Minimum 50 clock hours a 12-month to 24-month time period while working with 3 up to 6-year olds and families.
    A minimum of 25-hours of the RSC received should be about the RSC that the applicant provides to others
Reference Ratings
  • Three
    (Please see full ECMH-M requirements for specific guidelines for who should complete reference rating forms for Clinical, Policy, and Research/Faculty applicants)
Written Exam
  • Yes
  • Applicant will submit an application that demonstrates that they have met both the requirements and the competencies specified for the Endorsement for which they are applying. Details about competencies can be found within the Competency Guidelines (MI-AIMH Copyright © 2017).

Ready for your IMHM Endorsement?

This is just a summary; for the full description of the requirements by Endorsement category, please consult the Competency Guidelines.

Only ECMHM-Clinical applicants need to fulfill the requirement of attending didactic training about the provision of RSC.